Religious… Holy Christian, the Bema of the Apostle Paul, the Church of Aghia Marina in Rentina, the Church of Aghios Lazaros in Evangelismos, Aghios Georgios in Stefanina and Aghia Paraskevi in Nikomidino.
Archaeological… The Fort of Vrasna, the Hellenistic villa at Asprovalta, the ancient settlements of Arethousa and Apollonia.
Byzantine… The castle of Rentina, the unique fortified community in the renowned Macedonian location of Temple, the post-Byzantine-Ottoman baths of Apollonia.
Environmental…The ancient plane trees at Scholan-Apollonia, the mysteriious Nymfopetres, the Drakotrypa Cave at Vrasna.
Amfipolis… Just 29km from the Kasta of Amfipolis, the most important of all the tomb in

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