πλατανόδασοςAt the end of village Stavros, right before the area of Milies, right at on the edge of the sea, is located an area of 60.000m2, Platanodasos or Platania as the locals called it. More than 100 age-old plane trees, with height that reaches in some cases 50m and perimeter of 8m, the trees offer their magic to the area of Strymonikos gulf.

Platania is a unique case of plane trees forest to be located so close to the sea. It’s well known that plane trees, the king of vegetable kingdom, love the water element.

This area used to be, for many years, a place for rest for the travelers heading to mountain Athos as it was on the only road that leads there. The old name of the area was Palioxano (Palio=old, xani=inn), named after and old inn build in the dew of the plane trees on which the travelers rest.

Inside of the plane trees forest is located the small church of Saint Ioannis, build by the refugees came to Stavros after the persecution of 1922 in order to honor their church on the village Katirli. At the end of each summer a representation of the refugee’s landing is taking place in a humble but also glorious ceremony.

Into the deep shadow of these very tall and age-old plane trees thousands of tourists finds each summer moments of cool. Inside the area of the forest can be found sporting facilities, kids playgrounds and cafeterias that in a harmonious coexistence and with no offense to plane trees and, these facilities are transforming this beach to an ideal area of amusement and dew.

During the hot summer nights, Platania constitutes a magnetic pole for the residents of the Strymonikos are. Here you can enjoy the view of the gulf drinking your favorite cocktail under the dew of the plane trees and listening the music that suits on your mood.