River Rihios

ρήχιοςThe gorgeous valley of Makedonika Tempi is being adorned by the eternal presence of Rihios River, one of the oldest rivers of Greece. Covering an area of only 8klm, with starting point the lake Volvi and flowing in Strymonikos gulf, Rihios is in fact their communication canal.

Rihios was created thousands years ago, when because of strong seismic activity in the area was created a passage that emptied the water of lake Mygdonia being in excess to Strymonikos gulf.

According to historical description, lake Mygdonia was a huge lake that divided the Chalkidiki peninsula from the rest of Macedonia. Remains of this lake are lakes Koronia and Volvi, protected for some years now by international conventions and instructions of the European Union.

It might looks strange in Rihios visitors eyes, because of his small length and depth, however it’s a fact that some years ago the river characterized by rich fish-fauna. A characteristic fact is that near to the village of Rentina, was a taliani, a place where eels were picked up while they were traveling between the sea and the lake. Today Rihios is supplied by underground springs.

The valley of Makedonika Tempi along with Rihios River and the riverside forest are an ideal place for people to get in touch with nature. A visit here will sensitize and help us realize the need of protecting this area and nature in general.