The Fort of Vrasna

OxiroVrasna.thumbnailIn the village of Vrasna, high on Kerdyllia hills, the visitor of Strymonikos gulf can find a Byzantine tower dated from the beginning of the 15th century. It is located on the courtyard of the church of the Assumption of the Virgin with his south side bordering the north stonework of the temple.

According to a research of 9th Byzantine Research Bureau this fortress had three floors and a shelter. Unfortunately traces of the shelter haven’t been saved. The internal area of the fortress was about 50m2 and the depth of the walls was starting from 2,4m2 on the base and decreased at each of the floors.

The fortress is made out from multi-shapes and multi-colored stones, collected from the near area, with a small use of bricks and wall plaster. Today only the ground floor of the fortress is in good shape and some parts of the first floor.

Information about the accurate conditions led to the construction of the fortress of Vrasna hasn’t been found. For sure the fortress served defensive purposes of the village and it was also used as a base of operations for military activities.